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BUILify colors editor
BUILify side bar


Personal side project called Builify, a static website creator built on top of ReactJS and Redux. Builify comes with many functionalities such as custom styling, image and icon changer, element cloning and editing, typography options, and many more. It was fully developed by me, starting from design to code, and documentation along supplemented themes.

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Trip-Trax index page


Trip-trax is software development company specialized in web technologies. I created simple minimalistic homepage for them that includes welcome, projects and contact page.

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TElement index page
TElement media player


TElement is open-source media (YouTube, Vimeo) playlist player that uses React for UI and Redux for state container. The desktop application was created by running this web application in Electron's browser window.

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SAFK homepage
SAFK homepage


New social media agency, called SAFK, wanted a website that would, at the beginning, present themselves to the audience by telling what the agency is, what they do and how to contact them. The site was designed from scratch and programmed by me.

See live technical visualisation car logo, founded by George Hotz and located in San Francisco, a company that has been featured in Bloomberg, Forbes, and New York Times, requested to implement certain features to their web colouring tool. My duty was to implement features such as straight line tool, centre zooming using events, sliders for brushes and pixels, erasing, hotkeys for more fluid user experience, and to improve performance and application's styling.

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BUILify's documentation page
BUILIfy's landing page

BUILify homepage

BUILify required support and documentation for customers, along landing-page for offering solution to targeted client. Its homepage was created using latest web standards, and modern web development tools for time-efficient programming. The website was deployed on custom NodeJS server.

Dreamo agency landing page
Dreamo agency navigation

Dreamo Agency

Web development and design agency Dreamo requested new homepage to maximize attracting potential customers. Their homepage was created using Wordpress for easy page management, and programmed by following official coding standards. The theme was developed by performance in mind along applied style effects for posh look.

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And many open-source projects.

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